Rejoice! Bleach fans…

… now you could listen to one of Bleach’s ED in Cantonese.

Yui Life

Serious though, I was listening to the radio today on the bus when a song came up, and wonder of wonder, it was Life by Yui (or is it all caps?), an ED theme for Bleach anime. But wait! I could understand the lyrics, and the singing was terrible! Oh wait, it was a Cantonese version of one of my favourite songs. XD

Hong Kong had have copied/licenced songs from all over the world for a long time now, but the frequency had decreased dramatically in the last few years, with the development of the home grown song writers. I guess that’s the reason why it surprised me when I heard this song in the radio. I guess Yui is obscure enough (at least in Hong Kong) that people wouldn’t be screaming “RIP-OFF” at the awards ceremonies. 😆

Anyway, I’ll see if I could hunt down a sample of the song and post it here. Unfortunately, I don’t know the singer or the name of the song. If anybody knows, please tell. Thanks.


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