Joe Hisaishi Concert in Hong Kong

Concert Poster

I guess this is not news news, but Joe Hisaishi (久石 譲) is holding a concert in Hong Kong on Nov. 23.

For those who doesn’t know, Joe Hisaishi composed the music for Miyazaki’s Laputa, Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, Spririted Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc. He also did the music for Kitano Takashi’s Sonatine, Kid’s Return, Hana-bi, Brothers, etc. When I first heard about the concert on the radio, I was both excited and concerned. Concerned? Well, there was only one concert, and I bet I was not the first one to have heard about it.

As expected, when I went to buy the tickets the very next day, it was close to sold out, with only seats in very bad spot remaining. Fortunately for me, I found tickets from a different source. It’s good to know people who know people who have connections. 😆 Absolutely can’t wait to see it. Hopefully, it’s going to be as good as the live recordings.

Program list, courtesy of the internet:

  • Princess Mononoke (Which song?)
  • Last Summer~from spirited away
  • NAUSICAA of the Valley of wind (I hope it’s the WORKS I 20 minutes version 😛 )
  • Symphonic Variation of Howl’s Theme (More Merry-Go-Round?)
  • My neighbor, TOTORO
  • Kids Return
  • Summer
  • HANA-BI (yay!)
  • Asian Dream Song
  • A Chinese Tall Story
  • The Post Modern Life of my aunt
  • Welcome to Dongmakgol
  • Asian X.T.C.

Man, the list does look promising (but no Sonatine?! j/k)! Will definitely write about after the concert! 🙂


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