Death Note: Don’t mess with Kira

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Death Note is one of my favourite manga, and I was over-joyed when I found that there was going to be a live action movie and anime TV series for it. I’ve talked about my experience with the first movie, and I’m about to go see the second one. So what about the anime?

From what I’ve seen so far (episode 1-5), the anime version of Death Note lives up to its name. And with 37 episodes planned, the anime will most likely go all the way to the end of the manga, unless they decide to change the story, of course. (L wins!) Which probably will not happen, considering the reactions of the Kira cultists. j/k

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Quality wise, this show is probably one of the best of this season (the best being Kanon of course ^^;;; ), and I have nothing to complain about. The plot also follows the manga to the frame, except for one difference, which the anime and the movie both changed. <spoiler> In both the anime and movie, the Raye Penber did not get the names of the FBI team through subterfuge (calling a collegue to have him get the filese and forward to everyone in the team). Instead, the Death Note was used. Light had Raye write the name of his department head on a piece of Death Note paper with instructions for the department head to send the files to all of the team members before dying of a heart attack.</spoiler> I’ve always thought that the Raye and Naomi part was a little weak in the manga and ended the whole thing in a half-hearted sort of way (“Oh, so Raye’s fiancee has been missing for the last few months? She’s probably offed by Kira. Too bad…”). I was pleasantly surprise how they changed it in the movie, by making things more exciting and making Light even more evil. Since the anime haven’t gotten to the Naomi part yet, I can’t say if they are going to change her story also or not. I don’t think they will though, since the change in the way Raye got the team members’ files does plug some holes in L’s reasons for suspecting Light (“Well, since Raye was the second one to get the files, he’s probably the one Kira targeted”).

Glare, Light! Glare!

Yagami Light so far is everything one could expect. Other than the over dramatization with the writing scene in the first episode, Light is the Kira that we all know and love (or hate). Cool, calculating, and calm, unlike the sometimes hysterical/hypervenilating/nervous Light in the beginning of the Death Note movie. Some people have noted that Light and Suou Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club have the same voice actor Miyano Mamoru (宮野真守), and that they hear Tamaki in Light sometimes. Maybe I don’t have the ear for it, but I thought their voices are rather different. The cheery carefree (except when it comes to Haruhi) slight airhead Tamaki is like the anti-thesis of Light, and the voice that I heard in Death Note has all the elements that makes Light, Light (except for the one or two moments when he is pretending to be a good boy… maybe).

We haven’t seen much of the rest of the case, yet, but it seems that L’s voice is not as deep as his movie counterpart, but I could be wrong there since we really won’t get to see him until the next episode. With L being my favourite character in the series, I can’t wait for episode 6 to come out. The rest of the cast is also not bad at all, and I guess it’s one of those if there’s nothing to complain about, it’s all good. As a side note, Ryuk’s voice actor Nakamura Shidou (中村獅童) is getting a lot of media attention when his wife Takeuchi Yuuko (竹内結子) filed for divorce last week. I’ve been paying attention to this only because I like Takuchi Yuuko’s acting a lot in Mukodono, Lunch Queen, and Pride. Other than that I don’t really know any of the voice actors.

With one exception, of course. Hirano Aya (平野 綾) of Suzumiya Haruhi fame is going to be playing the part of Misa. Now that’s something I can’t wait for! Will Hirano’s voice bring Misa’s cuteness to the next level? Will fanboys over the world (me included XD ) die/collapse/seizure/faint when they see Misa? Can’t wait to find out.

This season has many good shows (Kanon, Black Lagoon, Sumox5, Bokuoto, Pumpkin Scissors, etc.), and Death Note distinct itself not only with its huge popularity, but with good directing, cinematography, and lighting. The soundtrack, on the other hand, isn’t very memorable, but at least I found it better than the movie one. I love Kawaii Kenji, but man, the movie soundtrack is nothing but ambient stuff… really hard to listen to. While Death Note doesn’t really distinct itself in any departments (Kanon with its eye popping animation, Black Lagoon with kick-assness, Sumox5 and Bokuoto with laugh will you hurt comedy), the story really makes up for it. The story really takes you along for a ride, and keeps you riveted wanting for more. Even without the cheesy cliffhanger episode ends.


3 Responses to “Death Note: Don’t mess with Kira”

  1. 1 darkshaunz November 11, 2006 at 12:51 am

    Hey there uhsieh.

    Just thought I would drop by and say Hi. I am glad that you liked my Revy writeup and I decided to check out whats happening in this space. 🙂

    It seems we share a lot in common, my favourite character in Death Note is “L” as well! Aside from being super-cool, he is one of those observant and quick witted types. Reminds me of a creepier version of Detective Conan.

    Alas! I am not an expert on Death Note as you seem to be (only read up on some of it), interesting to hear that Hirano Aya is going to do Misa, however. I am sure its going to be cool (and slightly awkward) to hear our Goddess via Misa’s mouth.

    Kudos, friend.
    See you soon.

  2. 2 uhsieh November 14, 2006 at 12:18 am

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, as soon as I saw your Revy writeup on AnimeNano, I couldn’t help but go read it. ^^

    Lol, I haven’t watched much Detective Conan at all except when I’m watching TV in Hong Kong and the show comes up. Not only is L observant and quick witted, his mannerism and quirks is what made his character so special for me. Somehow, the second act of DN is not quite as good without L.

    I’m not really an expert on DN, but with the movie and new anime, it’s really easy to write about DN. Since I’m new at this blogging thing, I guess I’m taking the easy route and doing a glut of DN entries. XD

    I can’t wait to see Misa in the anime, too. If for nothing but to hear Hirano-sama voice Misa. ^^;;;

    Ja mata.

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