Weird happenings on WordPress….

Well, my first 2 posts has disappeared for some reason. It’s not gone gone, but you can’t get to it since there isn’t a next button for page 2… Since I’m a geek and stuff, I try to do my own diagnostics…

Problem: I just wrote my 11th post today, and my “Show at most” option is set to 10. The next button would not show up.

Posted 3 bump entries. Still no next page.

Then I began to play with the “Show at most” option. The next button showed up when it is set to 7, the next button showed up. 11+3=14 and 14/7=2. okay….

As soon as I deleted the third bump entry, however, the button disappeared.

Delete entries until there are 12 and set Show to 5, 2nd page shows up, but there is no 3rd page.

Some more experiments:
12 entries, 10 in option = 1 page + 2 missing
12 entries, 7 in option = 1 page + 5 missing
12 entries, 6 in option = 2 pages + none missing
12 entries, 5 in option = 2 pages + 2 missing
12 entries, 4 in option = 3 pages + none missing
12 entries, 2 in option = 6 pages + none missing
12 entries, 1 in option = 12 pages + none missing

Diagnosis: For all of the posts to show up, the total number of posts must be dividable the “show at most” number. So what if the total is a prime number like say… 23? It would mean either you have 1 per page or 23 per page, right? That would mean WordPress is foobar’ed, or something in my entries are mucking things up.

Argh… just started my fraking blog and problems are showing up already! My inner geek is cringing with pain and hate. *must kill something!* *fires up HL2*

P.S. I fix the problem mention in the first paragraph by dropping the “Show at most” option to 6, and since there are 12 entries, everything shows up on 2 pages. Does it mean I have to do this every time?

P.P.S. Looks like another person is having the same problem.


1 Response to “Weird happenings on WordPress….”

  1. 1 uhsieh November 11, 2006 at 12:03 am

    Looks like its been fixed. Thanks, guys.

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