“Death Note: The Last Name” review part 2

The weekend is over and I just got back to work. It seems the report that Death Note 2 is a blockbuster hit is not exaggerated at all. A number of my co-workers and other friends went to see the movie in the last weekend, and most of them thought that the last part of the movie, when everything began to unravel to be confusing. Some of them missed that if the Death Note is given up, your memory of the Death Note is lost, so they didn’t understand the part when Light and Misa lost their memory as well. Most of them contributed their confusion to the difficulty of reading the subtitle and they are not used to it.

Even without understanding the movie fully, most of them liked the movie, and said that the ending surprised them. Most of them also commented on L’s mannerism and he was really fun to watch.

I suppose, with my rather limited knowledge of Japanese and my familiarity of the Death Note plot, I have an advantage over my friends when seeing this movie. However, I also had some difficulty reading some of the subtitles, but that didn’t really affect me much. I also understood what was going on in the story a lot better than my friends. For example, when Light revealed that he used the loss of memory as a tool to fool L, I understood how exactly he did it. In the movie, however, it was not explained fully, and I guess that would confuse a lot of people.

With that in mind, I guess the Death Note was not able to fully break out of the “manga movie” category and become a good movie by its own merits. They remain, however, a pair of fairly good movies, giving people an enjoyable, but slightly confusing experience.

Have you seem the movie, yet? What do you think of it?


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