Kanon 2006 07: 真琴とピロ (Makoto and Piro)

It would seem that both my hope and fear have came true in this episode. I had complained that Yuuichi was becoming more antagonistic towards the girls in a slow progression, but was hoping that with the advent of Makoto’s arc, he would become more mature. Looking back the previous few episodes after watching this episode, I could not help but feel that Yuuichi was becoming rather like a brother to Makoto, albeit a rather callous one. To a lesser degree, the same could be said of his relationship with Nayuki and Shiori.

In this and the last episode, Yuuichi cared enough that he checked the schoolyard for Shiori and scolded her when he found her there, which frankly isn’t something you would do if you don’t care. Also, he tried to stop Nayuki from petting the cat on the side of the street when he remembered that she was allergic to cats. While the first instance did give a little bit of “trying to get the girl” feel and the second resulted in some off the scale kawaii quotient, it really did seem that Yuuichi cared about them in a brotherly sort of way. The same is true for Makoto, which became even more obvious in this episode.

In this episode, Makoto was like a kid sister that Yuuichi didn’t know what to do with, especially when she used his homework to make a paper airplane. He might have been mean to her and hit her in the head a few times (and they almost always reminds me of all the old anime where an older brother smacks his siblings, but I winced anyway) in the previous episodes, but perhaps because of Mai’s suggestion, his caring for Makoto really showed here. First he picked her up in town when she got out of work, and when he saw that she wanted to play with the cat but was too afraid to, he gently encouraged her (even buying her nikuman). When Makoto dropped the cat on the bridge and almost slapped her, it told me that even though he was really angry with her (and would someone be really angry if they don’t care?), he wouldn’t really hit her. Not to mention the fact that he cared enough for her to get really irritated when she ran away, searched all over town for her, and climbed the hill to look for her. The scenes that followed said it all: even though she is a stranger that lost her memory, she was still “family”.

Slight spoiler below

To the lesser degree, my fear was becoming reality with Kanon. I had prayed (to KyoAni and whatever anime gods there are) that they would not separate each girls’ stories into segments, but integrate them into one smooth series. I would hate to see Kanon turn into a “I’m done with this girl, so let’s get to the next one” type of series (like Toei Kanon). While I remember reading something about KyoAni saying that they would integrate them, but evidence (this episode and the preview for the next) suggested they are focusing on Makoto right now, and might finish her story soon. I hope I am wrong, and the best scenario would be KyoAni using Makoto’s degradation period to make her story a little longer. We all want to see Makoto more, right?


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