Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 02: 地獄にようこそ!

For some strange and bizarre reason, I suddenly felt compelled to watch the second episode of Jigoku Shoujo while I was writing about the Jane arc of Black Lagoon. Somehow, I also managed to finish this entry before finishing the Black Lagoon one. I guess there is some relativity between how much you think about an episode(s) and how fast you could write about it.


This episode is about a pair of father and son in the Mizushima family with some social problems. The father, is supposedly a computer illiterate, and is an outcast in his company. The son, Daichi, is a Hikkikomori and shuts himself in his room. The story begins with the suicide of the father, and Ayaka, his daughter questions his company president, Shimoda, about her father’s death. Her theory is that his suicide is work stress related, but Shimoda has proof that his father doesn’t work over-time. Shimoda then lays the blame on Daichi saying that the father committed suicide because of Daichi being a Hikkikomori. Ayaka got angry and told Shimoda to leave. Meanwhile Daichi accesses the Jigoku Tsuushin and puts Shimoda’s name in it. Emma Ai appears and gives Daichi the doll and her little speech, but forgetting to show him a little preview of hell.

In the next scene, we see Hone Onna and Ichimoku investigating the company of Shimoda. We find out that when Shimoda took over the company 6 months ago, he pushed for a paperless company, meaning everything is in electronic format. Also, because of his policy and pressure put on by him, 5 employees were forced to quit their jobs. The focus then goes back to Daichi, who reminisce about how his father tried to communicate with him while standing outside his door. He also remembers the time when his father almost got through to him but how he lacked the courage to finally open the door, and when Ayaka cried in front of his door, telling him that their father committed suicide in his office. Emboldened by his memories, Daichi goes out of his room to search through his father’s belongings that night, and find a membership card for a manga café.

At the manga café, Daishi finds out that his father used the computers there to learn PowerPoint and other work related things. He also found an MO disc (Magnetic Optical disc, a super sized MD disc, or Japanese version of Zip disks) that his father left there. Daichi searched through the data on the MO disc and left his findings on the dining table for his sister, much to Ayaka’s surprise and pleasure when she finds it the next morning. Armed with the new information, Ayaka confronts Shimoda again but he brushes her off saying that her father was a worthless person and that the company is better off without worthless people. He leaves Ayaka and phones someone in the parking lot asking for a favor of some sort.

Meanwhile, Daichi finds his father’s web diary (wait, isn’t his dad almost computer illiterate, and types by hit one key at a time? You mean you need 1337 h4xx0r sk1llz to work for Shimoda?! j/k), and finds out that Shimoda is forcing more work than usual on him, most of them being computer related work, and humiliated him in front of his co-workers. The scene switches to Ayaka who is being accosted by two thugs. She falls down the stairs and the thugs steals her father’s MO disc from her as she faints. The focus goes back to Daichi, and the rest of the entries in the diary are about how Mizushima begins to sympathize with his son, now knowing how he is suffering and pressure of the outside world. Daichi’s father continues to say how he wanted to play catch ball (read: baseball) with his son, or go drinking, but that it was all too late, that he is sorry. Daichi breaks down and cries, but was interrupted by his phone ringing.

As it turns out, it was the police calling about Ayaka. Daichi rushes to the hospital to see Ayaka, and finds out that the MO disc is stolen. He goes to Shimoda and confronts him about his father and sister. The arrogant Shimoda pushed Daichi away, and jeered at him saying that people like Daichi is the reason why Japan’s economy is falling, and worthless people should be culled from society. He also basically tells Daichi to go kill himself so his sister could be freed from the burden that is Daichi. It was that moment that Daichi decided and pulled red string from the doll. As usual, “the scare” happened, with Shimoda haunted by Mizushima, and Emma Ai “ippen shinde miru”ed him.

After Shimoda is sent to hell, we see Daichi tearing down the cardboard that was coving his windows. He sees the hell mark on his chest when he looks at his reflection on the window, but when his sister calls him for breakfast, he answered, opened his room door, and walks out without looking back.


It was great to see the Mac in Emma Ai’s house, and it also marked the appearance of Emma’s “Obaa-chan”. Of some reason, Emma Ai looked rather sad and reluctant when “Obaa-chan” reminded her that there is a new “client.” Also, Daichi wasn’t brought to “The Tree” for the handing over of the doll and explanation, and also never got the preview of hell that he will suffer. I would love to put the above as either Emma Ai’s kindness towards Daichi, but I could not but help think that it’s because the director doesn’t want to used the same scene again and again.

The acting for this episode is a bit better than the last episode, since the actors are more mature. We don’t get to see Emma Ai a lot this episode, but gets to see Hone Onna and Ichimoku a lot more. The “ippen shinde miru” in this episode somehow doesn’t have any impact at all, but it might be because this is the second time I’m seeing it and when I watched that scene of the first episode again, she seems to have more force behind her words then. I might still be prejudiced from the experience of the last episode, but the lack of Emma Ai actually improved the quality of the acting. The pace of this episode is also as good as the last one, and the moved very quickly. I have to say I have enjoyed watching Jigoku Shoujo live action very much. I hope the series’ quality will continue, and not dive like the first season of the anime.


2 Responses to “Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 02: 地獄にようこそ!”

  1. 2 silvia October 24, 2008 at 9:56 am

    esta buenicima esta serie uf super sobretodo con esa protagonista

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