Death Note 08: Potato Chips That Kills

Compared to last week’s episode, there was quite a bit of plot development and action in this episode. Unfortunately, the animation suffered a bit as well. Ryuk looks positively weird in a lot of the scenes, not just because of the action involved or that he was suffering from Apple withdrawal. L and Light had a few scenes where they look slightly off as well, though not too noticeable. However, the rest of the episode look pretty good still, so I guess they put most of the budget of this episode into special and video effects and the dirty magazines. j/k Seriously though, I really thought the dirty magazines were drawn better Ryuk in this episode.

The episode was began with L reviewing the death of the FBI agents, from surveillance tapes that were available to him. Quite immediately, he narrowed the possible lead to Ray Penber, who’s actions before his death were suspicious. Almost immediately, L got a call with the information that Ray Penber’s fiancée, Misora Naomi, was missing. L immediately ordered surveillance on Chief Kitamura and Yagami’s families, who Penber were investigating, much to the investigation team’s chagrin. Yagami, however, was determined to proof his family’s innocent, and commanded his subordinated to go with the surveillance.

Next we saw Light return home after the surveillance was setup, and his determining that someone had been in his room. He acted as if nothing had happened, and left his house again to talk to Ryuk. Basically, he used Ryuk’s addiction to apples to extort Ryuk to help him find the surveillance equipment in his room. Ryuk complied, of course, since he wanted his apples, and found that there were a lot of cameras in Light’s room with no dead spots. Light immediately knew that L was suspicious of him, since L was the only one that would go for such extreme measures. To combat the surveillance, Light hid a small TV inside a bag of chips, and wrote criminals’ names on a piece Death Note paper while pretending to be eating the chips. Since Light did not watch the news but the criminals died by heart attack, his innocence would be proven. L indeed thought that Light was proven innocent in the surveillance, but he was still suspicious of Light.

Did I mention that I loved and got a kick out of the way they over-dramatized Light writing on the Death Note in the first episode? Well, I did, and almost loled again this time with Light’s over-dramatized writing and eating potato chips. However, this episode was perhaps the introduction to the up coming war between Light and L, and this “potato chips” incident is perhaps the opening shot between Light and L. From the preview, it appears that Light would enter University in the next episode, and the real fight between Light and L would begin in earnest.


7 Responses to “Death Note 08: Potato Chips That Kills”

  1. 1 Nzkiwianimewhore December 29, 2006 at 3:02 am

    Just fyi, Wasnt the name of the detective following Yagami Light named Ray Penbar not Ray penber?

  2. 2 Sairus July 24, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    No, his name was RAY POMBäR!

  3. 3 Volital May 12, 2008 at 6:03 am

    I will take a potato chip… AND EAT IT!!!

    Personally, I was watching the Japanese versions with subs, so Light wasn’t so dramatic about the chips in that, so I had no clue what everyone was mocking until my friend showed me the english dub. That’s why I personally like the English Dub more.

  4. 4 chiaraftw May 13, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    i was wondering, what is the brand name of that potato chips? and btw, ray penber is also known as “RAY IRAMATSU” (on the film only)

  5. 7 Peek-A-Boo October 26, 2010 at 10:41 am

    I one came across a little video on YouTube with Light eating the potato chip. I thought it was a parody or a fandub, and when i started to watch the series for real i couldn’t believe it was the actual audio! I laughed quite hard when i found out it really was! xD

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