Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 03: 愛してる… ご免なさい… (I Love You… I’ll Kill You)

Midorigo no Yume (A Dream of Babies)

Wow, 2 Jigoku Shoujo entries in 4 days. (Author’s Note: I was going to post this on Friday night, but I left the word document in my office XD ) Jigoku Shoujo is probably turning into my favorite series this season. ^_^;;; The first 3 episode has all been sweet (as in sweet revenge), and I have enjoyed the show immensely. So far (well, it’s been only 3), none of the episodes have ambiguous plots, where the victim and culprit are ill defined or where the grudge is minor. Although I feel pity for the bad guy’s family in this episode, I totally enjoyed his painful end.

The story was about Tsuruda Shouko (鶴田笙子), who was visiting the gynecologist. The gynecologist informed her that she is in midterms and that an abortion would be difficult at that point. Also, since she had had two abortions already, the operation would be dangerous and might result in her becoming infertile. She would also have to apply for a birth certificate and cremate the child after the operation. Next day at work, Tsuruda was invited by her co-worker, Yuka, to go to a 合コン (goukon), but she declined. When their boss, Choukai Seiichi (鳥海誠一) arrived and greeted them (and complimented Tsuruda on doing a good job), Yuka commented on how good looking Choukai was, and how she wanted to used the Jigoku Tsuushin (地獄通信) on his wife.

That night, Tsuruda and Choukai met at Tsuruda’s apartment, and they were having an affair. While they were in bed, Tsuruda lamented that Choukai could not stay until the morning. Choukai tried to be charming saying that he will, but his phone rang at that time, his wife calling. He told his wife that he was still busy with work and that he would return late that night. Tsuruda was unhappy about his wife calling, but Choukai reassured her that there is nothing left between him and his wife. Tsuruda then told Choukai that she was pregnant, and asked when he was going to get divorced. Choukai froze at that, and told her to get an abortion, claiming that her being pregnant would jeopardize him getting a divorce. He promised that it would be the last time, and they would be together after his divorce. Later that night, Tsuruda found Jigoku Tsuushin on Mahoo, and put Choukai’s wife’s name Mari (真理) down, but she didn’t click submit. She saw Emma Ai’s reflection on the computer screen, but when she turned around, she was gone.

In the next scene, Tsuruda was in the operation room, having an abortion. It was a really painful experience, since a midterm abortion was basically a stillborn. After a week of rest, she returned to work, but Yuka remained concerned about her. She lied that she had a very bad flu, but Yuka still looked concerned. That night (?) when they were in bed, Choukai apologized for not being at the clinic during her abortion since he had and an important meeting (…sure), but he could spend the whole Sunday with her to make up for it. When Tsuruda went shopping for wine for their Sunday date, she saw Choukai with his daughter and very pregnant wife, having a very happy family day. She was shocked to see them, and Wanyuudou (輪入道) saw the whole thing. That night, probably from the stress that she had experienced, she collapsed while showering and began to bleed from her wound due to her abortion. When she was at the hospital, the doctor told her that she probably wouldn’t be able to have children. Dispirited from the news, she called Choukai at his house, only to have his wife, Mari answer the phone. Mari refused to let Tsuruda talk to Choukai, and told Tsuruda not to call them again and stop stalking her husband. Desperate, Tsuruda asked Mari if they were getting a divorce, but Mari said that he is a loving father and husband. Dejected, she told Mari that Mari and she were the same, and hung up.

When she returned home, she typed Choukai’s name into Jigoku Tsuushin, but immediately, she thought she was being an idiot. She picked up the ashes of the aborted child and began to cry. Inside the bathroom, she said that she was tired, and cut her own wrist. Outside, her cell phone began to ring with the red “Your request is accepted” message from Jigoku Tsuushin, and before she bled to death, she was transported to the Tree in Emma Ai’s world. Hone Onna (骨女) began to gently bandage Tsuruda’s wrist with a scarf and commented how stupid Tsuruda was to commit suicide because of a man. When Tsuruda came to, Emma Ai gave her the doll and the usual instructions. The next morning, Tsuruda woke up in her own bed, with Hone Onna’s scarf on her wrist and the doll next to her.

For the rest of the day, Tsuruda locked herself inside her apartment picking apart some roses, doing the “He loves me… he loves me not…” thing. That night, Choukai called her from work, and apologized for not being able to meet with her on the past Sunday, since he was busy with work, but she didn’t seem to have heard him. She put down the phone and began to pick apart the flowers again, and when the last petal was “He loves me not,” she picked up the doll and pulled the string.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Yuki appeared and scared Choukai, but they began to flirt with each other. As it turned out, it was Hone Onna masqueraded as Yuka, and she dragged him into an operation room, torturing him. Emma Ai appeared while Choukai was screaming with pain, and she “ippen shinde miru”ed him.

Tsuruda was seen praying for her dead child, and Emma Ai and the 三藁 (Sanwara) were observing her. Hone Onna lamented the fact that the mother and daughter will never reunite since Tsuruda is going to Hell, but Wanyuudou said that it would still take a few hundred years for normal people to re-incarnate. When Hone Onna and Wanyuudou turned around, Emma Ai was gone already. When we see Emma Ai, she was at a railroad crossing, staring a girl.


As I said earlier, I kinda feel pity for the family of Choukai, since they are victims as well in a way. However, Choukai fully deserves what he got, and I got a kick out of the sadistic revenge Hone Onna inflicted on him. Speaking of which, the whole process seemed a little pro forma, since there was no Hell preview and there was no investigation or confession. It was all done very quickly, and it was as if we were just waiting for Tsuruda to pull the string, not waiting to see if she will pull the string.

It looks like the series will start talking about Hajime and Tsugumi, and I hope that it will focus on their story soon. One could take “revenge of the week” type of series only so far, and a continuing story arc will be more interesting. On that note, I wonder how Emma Ai’s actress, Iwata Sayuri (岩田さゆり) will handle the dark emotions in that arc. I felt that her acting in this episode was much better than the previous ones, but still left much to be desired. Many have complained that Emma Ai looks too old in the dorama, and I have to agree. There’s no way Iwata looks like a 12 years old (or even 15, since the uniform looks high school rather than middle school), nor has she been impressive in her role as the muguchi loli with bottled up dark emotions.

Well, if the girl shown at the end of the episode is indeed Tsugumi, the series will hopefully begin to get interesting, but if she was not, I wonder what the producers have up their sleeves. Either way, I can’t wait for the next episode.


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    <2 awsome .

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