Kanon 2006 08: 狐とおでん (Fox and Oden)

It seems that the beginning of the end of Makoto’s arc is happening in this episode, with the introduction of Amano Mishio, Yuuichi recalling his past with Makoto, and Makoto’s weakening. Considering that I have watched the Toei version but have not played the game on Makoto’s arc, I’m interested in what that would happen in KyoAni’s expanded version, but I’m also saddened by the end of her arc approaching. Auu…

This episode focused on Yuuichi and Makoto, with minimal screen time for the rest of the Kanon girls (there was no Ayu! Uguu!!! And Shiori, hae?), although the few second that Nayuki appeared totally stole the show with her Piropiropiropiropiro x infinitum. Yuuichi was as sarcastic as usual, but his teasing of Makoto was slightly toned down. It was becoming rather obvious that he has feelings for Makoto, in the ways he helped and encouraged her. I found myself pitying the poor guys slightly with his way of half suspecting and half denying the conclusion he was drawing of Makoto’s past, and the way he reacted when he spoke to Amano the second time. It feels more than ever that Yuuichi was like a brother to her.

The majority of the episode was a slice-of-life show of what happened between Yuuichi and Makoto, and would sound pretty boring, but the timing of the few bomb-shells dropped only heightened the tension behind all the boring mundane stuff. Unfortunately, it also seemed that KyoAni will finish Makoto’s arc soon. I sounded rather cruel when I said I wanted Makoto’s degradation period to last long so we could see more of her, but since it has started already, I don’t have to heart to want to see it drag. I remembered how it was in the Toei version, and I’m readying tissues for it already.


2 Responses to “Kanon 2006 08: 狐とおでん (Fox and Oden)”

  1. 1 elohir November 30, 2006 at 10:04 pm

    Be prepared for complete chaos. The fanboys will relive their past, once more.

  2. 2 uhsieh December 4, 2006 at 10:23 am

    @elohir: Yeah, it seems that the sadness it starting, all over again. Why does Key have to make such great but sad games?

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