Update: Backlog Hell and NDS

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been slacking off in updating the site, and only for two reasons, both minor by most accounts. Worse, this blog is only 1 month old and I’m slacking off already:

1) Backlogs are bad for motivation. I’ve backlogged 3 Jigoku Shoujo, 2 Death Note, 2 Kanon, and 4 Black Lagoon episodes during the time when my computer when down, and frankly, blogging about all of them became rather daunting since I’m rather new at blogging and it takes me a long time to write an entry. However, I will start writing about Jigoku Shoujo very soon again, and I’ve made that my priority. Black Lagoon, Death Note, and Kanon entries will become impression only entries, and will probably remain so. Hopefully when the new season arrives I will be more accustomed to writing and start writing more.

2) I just bought a NDS lite and it’s been sucking up most of my time. I’m starting to name my NDS the Nintendo Draining System, as it has been draining my time and money. I think only crack addicts has it worse. I’m playing FF3 and Phoenix Wright, and I have the GBA remakes of the old FF series lined up as well. So *sigh* hopefully I’ll get my priorities right and start blogging again.

So I’ll most likely post Jigoku Shoujo eps 4 summary Friday, with 5 and 6 during the weekend. And thanks for putting up with me. 🙂


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