Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 05: シスコン殺人鬼 (Siscon Murderer)

偽りの墓碑銘(エピタフ)(The Fake Epitaph)

Well… This has to be the best episode so far, just because it has siscon, murder, kidnapping, detectives, mystery, torture, blood, and “ippen shinde miru”. Oh, did I mention that it has SISCON? Seriously though, even though this episode has some problems, it was quite enjoyable. It also made Mr. Cynical Shibata Hajime convert to the church of Jigoku Shoujo. He’s now a believer.


The episode began at night in the middle of the woods, and a girl in tattered clothes was running through it. Behind her was a shadow, presumably someone she was running away from. In her hands was the black grass doll from Emma Ai, but before she could use it, she tripped and landed on her face. The shadow behind her caught up to her, and there was a knife flash and a scream. Meanwhile, Hajime was playing on the Internet, using Mahoo to search for Jigoku Tsuushin, only to have Tsugumi catch him in the act. Hajime asked what she was doing up late at night (it was almost midnight), and at the moment, Tsugumi had a vision. She saw Emma Ai at a forested hillside, staring a grave with a cross that read “Hikari Sleeps Here”. Wanyuudou rematerialize from the grass doll and comments that it was a pity. The scene then switched to a girl who was chained to a bed, desperately trying to get to the computer. She tried to get to Jigoku Tsuushin, but it was not midnight yet, and at that moment, she heard footsteps coming towards her room. When her captor enter her room, she was here kneeling on the floor greeting him, “okaerinasai, onii-chan”.

The next morning, Tsugumi tried to tell Hajime what she saw the night before, but he just brushed her off. He then left hurriedly, telling Tsugumi to get lunch Nishi’s café. A disheartened Tsugumi began to clean up the breakfast table, but in the middle of it, she threw dropped the dishes and began to have another vision. In the vision, she saw a church and later some residential buildings. Then she saw a reflection of Emma Ai handing the grass doll to the girl that was chained to the bed. Meanwhile, Hajime went to his editor friend who tried to ask Hajime what happened to Katsuragi (the villain from the last episode) but Hajime kept mum about it. Suddenly news broke in the news office that the police found a dead body, and they all scrambled for the scene. Hajime, sensing an opportunity, asked his friend if they need help, which the answer was yes. When Hajime got on his motorbike, he got a call from Tsugumi telling him about her vision of the church, house, and the captive girl. Hajime again brushed her off saying that he’s busy with work, and Tsugumi give him an angrily retort and hung up on him. Tsugumi then made up her mind and went and asked Nishi how to get to Hachiouji (八王子). At the same time, the captive girl tried to reach the grass doll, which was presumably taken from her by her captive.

When Hajime arrived at the crime scene, he spotted a detective that he knew. Since that they were acquaintances, the detective pulled Hajime aside and give him some inside info (no wonder the editor wanted Hajime in on this). A younger detective, Abe (阿部), stopped by to show the older detective a cross that they found at the scene, and Hajime was alarmed. The cross was bearing the words, “Hikari Sleeps Here”, exactly as Tsugumi described it. Hajime immediately excused himself and called Tsugumi, with Emma Ai observing him. Tsugumi was unfortunately still pissed at Hajime when she got the call and refused to answer the call. Hearing the voice mail, Hajime dashed off to find Tsugumi. Meanwhile, Tsugumi was searching for the house that she saw and had to ask for direction. Ichimoku Ren and Hone Onna were observing her and Hone Onna commented that she was being a kawaraban (瓦版) daughter, and Ichimoku Ren needled her for using an anachronism. During her search, Tsugumi met a creepy guy (I think he’s Abe in disguise) who tried to help her, but she ran away (zomfg, the culprit is a creepy siscon otaku!).

The scene went back to Hajime for the moment, who went to Nishi asking about his daughter. Nishi told him that Tsugumi was in earlier that day asking how she could get to Hachiouji, and Hajime stormed out of the café. Tsugumi continued to hunt for the place in her vision (while being stalked by Abe) but eventually she found the house. Inside, the place was a total mess (zomfg a hikkikomori otaku’s house?!) but she bravely entered. Outside, Hone Onna continued her commenting, say “like father like child.” Inside, Tsugumi found a smelly, bloody bathroom, and as soon as she turned around, Abe was right behind her (*gasp*). She was thrown and locked in the same room as the girl in her vision. The girl was lying on the ground and Tsugumi woke her telling her to escape. The girl, however, refused to run away saying that Hikari was killed only because she tried to escape. Tsugumi then heard the door being unlocked and looked behind her and saw the grass doll, but when she was reaching for it, Abe opened the door asking her what she was doing. The captive girl drew the attention of Abe by greeting him onii-chan and Abe offered her some sliced peaches and called her Misato (美里). Misato fearfully complied, but Abe became even more perverted (I shall not go into it since it’s still giving me creeps) and wanted Tsugumi to do the same. Tsugumi refused, and Abe began to become unstable and violent, and knocked Tsugumi against the shelf with the grass doll. Misato saw the grass doll fall to the ground and scramble to pick it up, but was still uncertain about dulling the string, since she too has to go to hell (*aaaargh* get on with it already!).

Outside, Hajime was desperately searching for the house where Tsugumi was and heard a scream and a crash, and immediately ran towards the house. Inside, Abe cut himself when (I think) he broke the window while trying to catch Tsugumi and started to go really crazy. He stepped outside for a moment, and Tsugumi tried to shake Misato into some action. Misato remained in her stupor, but at that moment Tsugumi hear Hajime calling for her. Relieved, Tsugumi ran towards the door, only to see Abe blocking her way with a knife in his hand. Abe began to stalk towards Tsugumi while shouting that Tsugumi must call him Onii-chan, but Hajime came to her rescue. Abe and Hajime struggled, but Hajime was knocked down by Abe, who immediately went after Tsugumi again. As he was about to strike at Tsugumi, Misato screamed “yamete! (止めて!)” and pulled the string.

Suddenly, Tsugumi said, “Kita (来た)” and began to have visions again, this time seeing herself. Emma Ai appeared in front of Abe and took him to hell. In the room, Misato, Hajime, and Tsugumi suddenly found themselves alone.

Abe was brought to hell and the Sanwara (三藁) began torturing Abe by crucifying him and driving wooden stakes through his hands. Emma Ai appeared in front of him and “ippen shinde miru”ed him. While on the boat to hell, a delirious Abe asked Emma Ai if she wants to be his little sister. O.o

The next morning (the hell?) the police arrived and placed Misato in an Ambulance. On the way outside the door, Tsugumi told Misato, now with the hell mark on her chest, that it’s going to be all right. She turned around and told Hajime that Jigoku Shoujo saved their lives, and Hajime looked nonplussed. The older detective told Hajime that he had to go down to the station with him, and when he got on the police car, Emma Ai was there observing him.


I’ve said it in the last few episodes, both Emma Ai and Tsugumi look waaaaaaaay too old. When Hajime said that Tsugumi would be in Middle High the next year and when the creepy otaku asked if she was a grade schooler, I almost gagged. To use Jason Miao’s words, “I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis on this she’s in grade school. None. I won’t accept it.” Like I said, I don’t think the producers actually have the budget to hire more decent actors and actresses for the program, and it shows. Tsugumi and Emma Ai’s physical appearances are just too different from the anime version. The acting in general in this show is somewhat okay, if you don’t take the show too seriously. It tends to be a little too exaggerated (especially Abe’s “call me onii-chan”s), but taking it with a grain of salt, it’s all good entertainment.

Wrex mentioned in his blog that there was a number of plot holes in this episode, but when I watched it, I seemed that they were quite easily explained by the situation. I thought that the girls didn’t pull the strings because they didn’t want to go to hell along Abe, and it showed when Misato hesitated even at the even. Stupid? Perhaps, but it showed that people still thought pulling the string and going to hell was an extreme last resort. As for why the girl didn’t use the Internet to report that she is missing, I don’t know, but I think Misato doesn’t even know where she was. Again, not smart, but excusable I guess. As to why the doll was at the shelf, I think Abe placed it there to torment Misato. It was just out of reach for her, and letting her see and not be able to get to it was part of his sadistic nature. As for how Tsugumi knew that it was in Hachiouji, that I have no explanation. Maybe she spent her whole morning browsing the Internet for pictures of churches in Japan or something. All of Wrex’s questions are great and reasonable, but since I’m taking this show not too seriously, only for a good half hour of fun, I wasn’t questioning things too closely.

Either way, I’ve enjoyed this episode, and Hajime and Emma Ai’s connection was getting more involved. Emma Ai is starting to keep an eye on Hajime, and Hajime is probably going to investigate more about Emma Ai. I hope that the climax of the plot will come soon and I can’t wait for it.. Well, time to load up episode 6. 🙂


1 Response to “Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 05: シスコン殺人鬼 (Siscon Murderer)”

  1. 1 marilou pasco October 5, 2011 at 12:38 am

    i just love the way this story goes. i wish in real life it happens, for the bad person will be cursed to death.

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