Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 06: 幻双子 (Vision Twins)

約束の赤い糸 (The Red Thread of Promise)

So I guess we are back to “Victim of the Week” style of Jigoku Shoujo, but that’s okay. For various reasons, I liked this episode quite a lot, even though I was hoping to see more of Tsugumi and Hajime-chan. The plot of this episode was also very intriguing; though during the episode, I kept on remember that Jigoku Shoujo anime episode where a girl committed virtual suicide when she force her friend to pull the string when she was the target herself. (It was episode 10, “Friends”, I think)


The episode began with Emma Ai, who was folding paper/leaf boats at her house. Suddenly she, with an undecipherable look on her face, crushed one of the boats that she was making. The scene next went to a girl, Sanada Sachi (真田 幸) at home, accessing Jigoku Tsuushin at midnight. She typed in the name Mako (マコ), closed her eyes with a look of determination, and clicked send. Suddenly, her phone began to ring, and it was Mako laughing at Sachi through the phone demanding to know why Sachi cursed her. Sachi was distraught over this, since somehow Mako knew what she was doing. The camera zoomed in on her wrist, which had cuts on it.

The next day, Mako and Sachi met at an abandoned factory, and Mako laughed at Sachi for believing such childish things as Jigoku Tsuushin, and said that she knew everything about Sachi. Since Sachi did something “bad”, Mako demanded that punishment was in order and used a piece of glass to cut Sachi on her wrist. Strangely enough, Mako began to cradle Sachi closely after she cut Sachi, and began to sing softy to her. Sachi began to have a flashback about how she and Mako met, and how they were partners in a crime: Sachi used to hide and cry in the abandoned factory when she was a child, and Mako found her there. Sachi confessed that she was crying because her private tutor was molesting her (so after siscon last episode, we have lolicon…), but because he was good at acting, her parents didn’t know about it and probably won’t believe it. Hearing that, Mako suggested that they take revenge on the tutor. The next time Sachi saw her tutor, he was dead, lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Mako later told Sachi that she was the one who lured the tutor by playing nice and pushed him down the stairs. Mako asked if Sachi was afraid of her, but when Sachi said no, they exchanged friendship bracelets. Back in the present, Mako kept holding Sachi tightly and claimed that they would be together forever.

Next, when Sachi was at her school’s tennis courts, she was eagerly looking for someone in the courts. As she turned around, she bumped into one of the players, a Sempai of hers, Minegishi Takuya (峰岸拓也). It seemed that Sachi had a crush on Minegishi, and kept apologizing while trying to run away. Instead, Minegishi gave his towel to Sachi to wipe off the dirt she got when she fell down and ran off. Sachi began to hug the sweaty towel with a look of utter bliss on her face, but was interrupted when Mako called her. Afraid, Sachi ran away. Emma Ai and the Sanwara were there and they commented on how the situation was complicated.

That night, Mako was at Sachi’s place, cutting up Sachi’s underwear while screaming about how Sachi should not have such revealing underwear and would not allow Sachi to have a boyfriend. Later that night, Mako was at the entrence of Sachi’s school, waiting for Minegishi. When she jump in front of Minegishi, he looked dumbstruck. Meanwhile at Sachi’s apartment, Sachi found her underwear ruined, and worse, the towel that Minegishi gave her was in tatters. When she was about to cry, she felt a presence in her room, and was surprised by Emma Ai appearing. Emma Ai gave her the doll, and the instructions, temporarily halting Sachi from immediately pulling the red string, then disappeared. Sachi fell to the floor clutching and staring at the grass doll, and began to pull the string. Before she could do so, however, her phone began to ring, but she only curled up and covered her ears.

The next day at school, Sachi was accosted by one of her schoolmates, but was stopped by Sachi’s teacher. Instead, the teacher wanted Sachi to see her at her office. At the office, Sachi’s teacher and head teacher demanded Sachi to explain her charge of attempted rape against Minegishi. Instead, Sachi explained that she doesn’t know anything about it and only met Minegishi. The teacher countered saying that the staff at the karaoke saw her and her red bracelet and they had her name in the registration (Take That!!! Oops, too much Phoenix Wright). The teacher also said that Minegishi claimed that it was Sachi who invited him to the karaoke. At home, Sachi immediately called Mako and demanded what she did, but Mako only claimed that she doesn’t know Sachi was talking about and hung up on her. Angrily, Sachi pulled off her bracelet and took out the grass doll wanting to pull the string, but was unable again. Later that evening, Sachi got a call from her teacher saying that Minegishi was pushed down some stairs and was in a coma.

The next day, Sachi went to the abandoned factory ready to confront Mako. When she asked why Mako pushed Minegishi down the stairs, Mako answered that she hated Minegishi because he was going to take Sachi away from her. Sachi screamed that Mako was being a nuisance and pulled out the grass doll. Without hesitation, Sachi pulled the string and when Mako disappeared, she began to laugh hysterically. She kept saying that she was free at last, except the Sanwara appeared and reprimand her. They stated that it’s not that easy to step away from one’s own shadows and that running away is useless. Sachi, however, claimed that she doesn’t know what they were talking about. The Sanwara then showed Sachi the truth.

It seemed that when Sachi was young and was molested by her tutor, her psyche created a second personality, Mako, to protect her from the pain that she was suffering. Unfortunately, Mako became even strong as she grew and was finally able to control Sachi’s body. When Sachi began to like Minegishi, Maki became desperate and did everything she could to stop Sachi, even to the point to hurting Sachi. However, Sachi still doesn’t believe them, so they show her exactly what happened that night at the karaoke. They also showed Sachi how she pushed Minegishi down the stairs, and that was too much for Sachi. She began to curled up and cried, and Sachi materialized to comfort her. The Sanwara further said that it was all because of her weakness, and that she had cursed herself. Emma Ai finally “ippen shinde miru”ed her, and Sachi screamed. On the boat to hell, Sachi was lying on Mako’s lap, and Mako began to caress her, saying that they could finally be together forever. (It was rather creepy that Mako’s singing voice went from adult to child while Emma Ai paddled the boat through the gate to hell.)

Back in the human world, Sachi was at a park and using her compact mirror, looked at the hell mark on her chest. Emma Ai and the Sanwara were observing her. Hone Onna commented that Emma Ai was being lenient this time, but Wanyuudou countered that what Emma Ai did was only completing the contract as specified. He also said that Sachi finally had to face the truth about herself, but he wondered if that was heaven or hell for her.


The first time when I saw the ending, I was thinking that it was a total cop out. It would have been poetic justice if Sachi was sent to hell, even thought I do sort of pity her. (And that scream of Sachi and the boat scene were very misleading.) Then, it was rather strange for Emma Ai to be able to just send Mako to hell but not Sachi, although they are the same person. Speaking of which, it was rather surprising that Sachi was suffering from multiple personality disorder. At first, I was thinking that Mako was something like an evil twin or something, but watching the episode a second time, I found that there were hints that Mako doesn’t actually exist. For example, the cell phone doesn’t actually light up when it rings, nor could you actually see who was cutting up Sachi’s clothes in that scene. At the same time though, the some of the scene were made it seemed that Sachi and Mako could not be the same person since they were at different places: Like how it was easy to assume that when Sachi got the grass doll from Emma Ai, Mako was at the Karoke. The second time I saw the episode while getting screen caps, though, that it might be better this way since like all other clients, they got a second chance at life, and that Sachi is still suffering from the consequences.

All moral debates aside, I thought Sachi and Mako’s acting were better than some other guest stars. For one thing, their acting felt pretty natural, and they managed to get the feelings through. At the same time, I wish they used child Mako’s actress as Tsugumi, since she was absolutely delicious with her evil smile, but I could be asking for too much. Emma Ai also look a little better in this episode than in the older ones, but I still think that she’s too big for the role. I mean, for Christ’s sake, she’s taller and bigger than Sachi! Too bad for it’s a limited budget show.

Next week: yay! More Tsugumi and Hajime-chan! 楽しみに!


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  1. 1 Gumi June 28, 2007 at 3:58 am

    oh how I love the main actresse!so pretty

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