Not quite dead

It’s been six months since I last posted anything on this blog, and since then, I have discovered a bit about myself. For one thing, I found that my “love” for anything anime and related is not as great as I thought. Or I should say that I my real love is for reading; Manga, books (novels and light novels), magazine, etc. are what I pick up when I have free time, really. I think my addiction for anime is an off-shoot of my interest in reading. In another word, I love a good story.

Case in point: This season, I started watching Claymore, Lucky Star, and Darker Than Black. Almost as soon as the season started, I went and picked up the Claymore and Lucky Star manga. Same thing with Honey & Clover, H2, Death Note, and Ouran. Instead of staying current with the anime, I ended up pursuing the manga exclusively. In other words, my being too busy because of work is only half an excuse: I have time to read manga, but I don’t have time for anime.

True, you almost have to set aside a block of time for anime while you could pick up / put down manga anytime, but I’ve actually sat through some hours long manga reading sessions during this six months period. And I have also been watching anime almost regularly when I have time. The problem is that I have not completely watched a series for a while. It’s almost as if I have been loosing interest in shows half way through the series. It is because the shows are not as interesting, or because I’m becoming jaded in my old age, or is it that I don’t have the patience anymore for long series? I have no idea.

I have to agree with Kagami of Lucky Star though: imagining the characters and plot from what you read is really half the fun. An while things are usually livelier in an anime, what you create in your head will always be your own.

P.S. I hopefully will start posting here again, but I don’t expect it to be all that much. After all, I’m a great lover of reading, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good at writing.


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