Angela Aki – たしかに (Tashika Ni)

Tashika Ni is the latest single by Angela Aki, and it is the CM song for KDDI’s music service “Lismo!”.

I have liked Angela Aki’s music since I’ve heard her, but frankly, I can’t get myself to like this song too much. While the song is upbeat and happy sound to it, it’s just too much of a rock/pop commercial song for me. The first thing that I really thought when I first heard the song was a Coke commercial. The fact that the song is rather repetitive really doesn’t help it either. The second song on the single is the piano version of Tashika Ni, so honestly, this single isn’t that enjoyable for me.

One thing about the PV though, is that it is not the complete song, which is 4:59 long. There is a short :20 guitar section after the second verse, and the song repeats itself even more afterwards in the full version.

Overall, I can’t really say that the single was good at all, and unless you are a real Angela Aki fan, you can safely skip this CD.

Rating: 3/5

歌詞 / Lyrics:

たしかに たしかに たしかに愛はある ラララララ


鍵を閉める音 地面を踏む音 無性に悲しくなる毎朝

たしかに傷ついて たしかに苦しくて
動けない 話せない そんな日もあるけど
ここには今日には たしかに愛はある ラララララ


どこかで自分を落としてしまった 取り戻せるのだろうか今更?

何かを夢見てて 何かを追いかけて
ここには今日には たしかに愛はある ラララララ


たしかに傷ついて たしかに苦しくて
動けない 話せない そんな日もあるけど
君にも誰にも たしかに愛はある
たしかに愛はある ラララララ


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