The first time when I watched 「交響詩篇エウレカセブン」(Eureka 7), I was immediately hooked by the OP theme song. “DAYS” by FLOW just had that sort of special rhythm to it that made it rather unforgettable. Those in the anime circle might have known FLOW from their earlier single “GO!!!” that was the 4th OP theme for Naruto, though. For me however, even after listening to “GO!!!” and even later “COLORS”, this is the song that made me become a fan of FLOW.

The opening segment of “DAYS” somehow reminds me of some 80s show, and the quick and light rhythm really made it easy to get into the song. The singing by Kohshi and Keigo really complemented each other. The violin in the background continues the vane that makes the song sound like an 80s theme song, but the guitar gives it a much more modern feel. In most songs, the middle is usually given to a vocal less or guitar solo section, but that is not the case in this song. There was the quick change of pace in the middle of the song when the rapping began, and the vocal less section doesn’t appear until the end of the song, when the violin kicks in again to finish the song.

The rest of the single, unfortunately is not as good. Not because they pale in comparison to “DAYS”, but they frankly are really not as good. “Journey” has the same feel to it as “GO!!!” and sounds a bit of regular J-Rock interlaced with rapping sections, and “Fun Time Delivery” is supposed to be this rather fun and laid back Okinawan sounding song but kinda failed to deliver as compared to say, Def Tech.

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable single, even if the b-side songs are really not as good as the A-side track. However, if you don’t have any FLOW CDs yet, I would seriously recommend getting their singles collection album, “FLOW THE BEST ~Single Collection~”.

Rating: 4.5/5


歌詞 / Lyrics:

変わり行く季節が 街並み染めてゆく
涙色の空を 僕は見つめていた
悲しみの 波が押し寄せる

夢は遠くまで はっきりと見えていたのに
大切なものを 見失った

激しく儚い 記憶のカケラ
この想い 忘れはしない ずっと

色褪せた景色を 風が流れてゆく
思い出は そっと甦る

通い慣れた道 歩み進んでも戻れない
最初の嘘 最後の言葉

強がってばっか 誤魔化す 感情に
So 今さら何も出来やしないって
分かってたって もぅダメみたい
所詮繰り返すだけの自問自答 重ね続けてる現状
長い夜 一人静けさを照らす街灯
悲しみの Merry-Go-Round 真夜中の Melody Slow Dance

激しく儚い 記憶のカケラ
この想い 忘れはしない ずっと
追憶の 日々が照らす 今を


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