FLOW – Answer

“Answer” by FLOW is the OP theme for J-dorama「探偵学園Q」(Tantei Gakuen Q). Perhaps best known in the anime circle for their OP themes for Eureka 7 and Code Geass, “Days” and “Colors” (and of course, their two Naruto theme songs), their others songs are certainly just as good and I would recommend them to anyone who likes J-Rock. Answer is their latest release, and it is their 5th anniversary single with an important tie-in to a J-dorama.

“Answer” is probably my favorite FLOW song so far, with its electrifying guitar and great melody. I really loved the chorus section, and it makes me want to sing along every time I listen to the song. While the song could be said to be a little “commercial”, meaning the melody aimed to be easy to remember, there is little to complain about this song. The energy given by the song is invigorating, and it is every bit as good as I hoped.

The real surprise of the single though is how good the b-side tracks are. “Electric circus” started with some great guitar solo play, and the song is upbeat energy filled. The chorus section is a good combination and easily memorable and not so cookie cutter. “Steppers high” is another great song, with again, great energy and pace. The melody again is great, with abundant amount of chance in the song for the guitar to showoff.

It was a long wait for CDJapan to deliver this single to me, but I really loved this single since the first moment I started listening to it. Highly recommended to anyone who likes FLOW or just like J-Rock.

Rating: 5/5

FLOW - Answer

歌詞 / Lyrics:

視線外せずfreezing あれ?摩訶不思議
綺麗事はbleeding 信じてbelieve me

仕掛けられた罠 灰のワンダーランド
そう愛してるから 愛してるなら

終われない このままじゃ ねぇ 最後は君の

感情がreflection 頼りないemotion
欲望のfoundation 笑うimitation

彷徨うのも性 愛のマンダラ
汚し合えたなら 心のまま


現実を信じては 傷ついて また光求め

focus on a naked blaze



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