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Black Lagoon 16-18: This ain’t no Miami Vice

I have mentioned that I’m watching Black Lagoon when the arc is complete so I don’t have to languish for the next episode. As soon as I got episode 18, I lined up all three episodes and got ready for some fun. And oh, how fast they flew by. If the last arc of Black Lagoon with Hansel and Gretel is a horror/drama, this arc is an action packed who’s who of Roanapur. It is none stop action from the first minute to the last, sprinkled with a good portion of character development.
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Black Lagoon: evil-loli-killer twins ftw!

If you ask me what series am I watching, I’d tell you Death Note, Kanon, Sumomo, Otoboku, and Pumpkin Scissors. The truth is, Death Note, Kanon, and Black Lagoon are the three shows that I’m actively following. For some reason, I’m having a mental block against Black Lagoon, even though the first arc totally blew me away.

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