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Death Note 08: Potato Chips That Kills

Compared to last week’s episode, there was quite a bit of plot development and action in this episode. Unfortunately, the animation suffered a bit as well. Ryuk looks positively weird in a lot of the scenes, not just because of the action involved or that he was suffering from Apple withdrawal. L and Light had a few scenes where they look slightly off as well, though not too noticeable. However, the rest of the episode look pretty good still, so I guess they put most of the budget of this episode into special and video effects and the dirty magazines. j/k Seriously though, I really thought the dirty magazines were drawn better Ryuk in this episode.
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Death Note 07: Alas, poor Naomi!

If you are looking for any action or plot advancement in this episode, you will be sorely disappointed. The summary of this episode could be made in one sentence: Light, through subterfuge in his conversation with Naomi, managed to get Naomi’s real name and using the Death Note, forced her to commit suicide. Even the very small parts that were focused on L could be called a slight interruption in Light’s ploy to get rid of Naomi.

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Death Note 06: Who the hell’s this cheery kid?

Just finished watching Death Note episode 6, and considering that I just watched the second Death Note movie, the differences make the viewing experience rather unique.

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“Death Note: The Last Name” review part 2

The weekend is over and I just got back to work. It seems the report that Death Note 2 is a blockbuster hit is not exaggerated at all. A number of my co-workers and other friends went to see the movie in the last weekend, and most of them thought that the last part of the movie, when everything began to unravel to be confusing. Some of them missed that if the Death Note is given up, your memory of the Death Note is lost, so they didn’t understand the part when Light and Misa lost their memory as well. Most of them contributed their confusion to the difficulty of reading the subtitle and they are not used to it.

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Death Note: The Last Name review

Movie Poster

I just got back from the theatre, and as promised here’s the review of Death Note: The Last Name. Please note that I don’t know Japanese and what I understood about the movie is through Chinese subtitles. I don’t have any screenshots, so this is going to be all text. This is also my first review, so any suggestion and criticisms are very welcomed.

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Death Note: Don’t mess with Kira

Vol 1 Manga Scan

Death Note is one of my favourite manga, and I was over-joyed when I found that there was going to be a live action movie and anime TV series for it. I’ve talked about my experience with the first movie, and I’m about to go see the second one. So what about the anime?

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“Death Note: The Last Name” spoilers on AnimeSuki Forum

For those of you who won’t be watching the movie for a while but wants to know how the movie ends, people have posted the synopsis and ending on AnimeSuki forums. Me, I’m going to the movie theater Saturday so I didn’t read it, but you could find it here.

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