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Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 06: 幻双子 (Vision Twins)

約束の赤い糸 (The Red Thread of Promise)

So I guess we are back to “Victim of the Week” style of Jigoku Shoujo, but that’s okay. For various reasons, I liked this episode quite a lot, even though I was hoping to see more of Tsugumi and Hajime-chan. The plot of this episode was also very intriguing; though during the episode, I kept on remember that Jigoku Shoujo anime episode where a girl committed virtual suicide when she force her friend to pull the string when she was the target herself. (It was episode 10, “Friends”, I think)

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Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 05: シスコン殺人鬼 (Siscon Murderer)

偽りの墓碑銘(エピタフ)(The Fake Epitaph)

Well… This has to be the best episode so far, just because it has siscon, murder, kidnapping, detectives, mystery, torture, blood, and “ippen shinde miru”. Oh, did I mention that it has SISCON? Seriously though, even though this episode has some problems, it was quite enjoyable. It also made Mr. Cynical Shibata Hajime convert to the church of Jigoku Shoujo. He’s now a believer.
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Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 04: 柴田 一 と つぐみ (Shibata Hajime and Tsugumi)

逢魔の砌 (Ouma no Migiri)

I’m glad that I was right in guessing the girl at the end of episode 3 was Tsugumi. Hopefully, the story is going to start focusing more on the continuing tension with the Shibatas rather than stand alone episodes. This episode is mostly about Hajime finding out about Jigoku Tsuushin, and less about the victim and the target.
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Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 03: 愛してる… ご免なさい… (I Love You… I’ll Kill You)

Midorigo no Yume (A Dream of Babies)

Wow, 2 Jigoku Shoujo entries in 4 days. (Author’s Note: I was going to post this on Friday night, but I left the word document in my office XD ) Jigoku Shoujo is probably turning into my favorite series this season. ^_^;;; The first 3 episode has all been sweet (as in sweet revenge), and I have enjoyed the show immensely. So far (well, it’s been only 3), none of the episodes have ambiguous plots, where the victim and culprit are ill defined or where the grudge is minor. Although I feel pity for the bad guy’s family in this episode, I totally enjoyed his painful end.
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Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 02: 地獄にようこそ!

For some strange and bizarre reason, I suddenly felt compelled to watch the second episode of Jigoku Shoujo while I was writing about the Jane arc of Black Lagoon. Somehow, I also managed to finish this entry before finishing the Black Lagoon one. I guess there is some relativity between how much you think about an episode(s) and how fast you could write about it.
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Jigoku Shoujo Live Action 01: More『一遍死んで見る?』

When Jigoku Shoujo (anime) came out, it got a generally mediocre review due to its lack of story and budget but somehow, a second season and a live action dorama are now airing. I haven’t seen any episodes of the anime this season since it’s one of those series that are on the back burner for me, but from what I have read on the Internet, it continues the same grain as the first season, meaning stand-alone episodes, with no continuing story. Rewinding a little further, when I heard that a Jigoku Shoujo live action dorama is coming out earlier this year, I was a little skeptical about it. Is the Japanese TV writers so lacking in material that they are going to adopt Jigoku Shoujo? I thought that Jigoku Shoujo is not a show that would reproduce well in live action setting, and its lack of a continuing stories its biggest pit fall for keeping viewers interested.

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