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Kanon 2006 08: 狐とおでん (Fox and Oden)

It seems that the beginning of the end of Makoto’s arc is happening in this episode, with the introduction of Amano Mishio, Yuuichi recalling his past with Makoto, and Makoto’s weakening. Considering that I have watched the Toei version but have not played the game on Makoto’s arc, I’m interested in what that would happen in KyoAni’s expanded version, but I’m also saddened by the end of her arc approaching. Auu…
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Kanon 2006 07: 真琴とピロ (Makoto and Piro)

It would seem that both my hope and fear have came true in this episode. I had complained that Yuuichi was becoming more antagonistic towards the girls in a slow progression, but was hoping that with the advent of Makoto’s arc, he would become more mature. Looking back the previous few episodes after watching this episode, I could not help but feel that Yuuichi was becoming rather like a brother to Makoto, albeit a rather callous one. To a lesser degree, the same could be said of his relationship with Nayuki and Shiori.
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Kanon 2006 06: 祐一くん、意地悪い…

After watching the last episode of Kanon 2006, I have to agree with Retsgip that Yuuichi really annoys me in this and the last episode.

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Kanon 2006: Blast from the Past

Sad Ayu in Snow
Sad Ayu in Snow… Uguu…

Kanon is probably the most blogged about show this season, and for a good reason. Kanon (game) was first released on the PC in 1999 as an renai eroge. More accurately, it should be said that it was a visual novel, since the story was what drove the rather linear game. A year later, and all-age version was released. Dreamcast and PS2 versions were later released, with new voice acting. The game was a hit, though not instant, and became a cult classic. The subsequent games by Visual Arts, Air and Clannad, were great hits as well. Even today, people are still buying Kanon, with different fan translated patches on the internet.

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