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FLOW – Answer

“Answer” by FLOW is the OP theme for J-dorama「探偵学園Q」(Tantei Gakuen Q). Perhaps best known in the anime circle for their OP themes for Eureka 7 and Code Geass, “Days” and “Colors” (and of course, their two Naruto theme songs), their others songs are certainly just as good and I would recommend them to anyone who likes J-Rock. Answer is their latest release, and it is their 5th anniversary single with an important tie-in to a J-dorama.

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“COLORS” by FLOW is probably their most famous song in the anime circle. As the first OP for 「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ」(Code Geass Hangyaku no LaRouche), it really fitted the show. With a Big-Band sound from the opening segment, this song has the energy and atmosphere that fitted the epic show that is Code Geass.

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The first time when I watched 「交響詩篇エウレカセブン」(Eureka 7), I was immediately hooked by the OP theme song. “DAYS” by FLOW just had that sort of special rhythm to it that made it rather unforgettable. Those in the anime circle might have known FLOW from their earlier single “GO!!!” that was the 4th OP theme for Naruto, though. For me however, even after listening to “GO!!!” and even later “COLORS”, this is the song that made me become a fan of FLOW.

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