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久石譲コンサート2006 (Joe Hisaishi Concert 2006)

Total cop-out day, but I just found these videos on Youtube (I know they are old), but frankly, Joe Hisaishi’s music is so beautiful. At the same time, I will be offline for the next week or so and I have to pack. So please enjoy the excellent music by Joe Hisaishi. Continue reading ‘久石譲コンサート2006 (Joe Hisaishi Concert 2006)’


Joe Hisaishi Concert part 4: Program List + Impression

It was 8:10ish pm, and I was sitting in my seat in the Concert Hall of the Hong Kong Cultural Center waiting impatiently for the concert to start. The light finally dimmed, and a slightly smiling Joe Hisaishi appeared on stage. He walked to center stage, shook hands with the Concertmaster, bowed to the audience, and took his place at the conductor’s stand. He went into a ready stance, knees slightly bending, hands in front of him with the ready sign, and I held my breath. He moved his hand, with the smile still on his face, and the orchestra began to play a piece that I wasn’t familiar with. I didn’t know what to expect, but his music carried me along, and for the rest of the night, I immersed myself in his music.

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Joe Hisaishi Concert part 3: Immediate Thoughts

I just got back from the concert, and would like to put some words down. This will be short, since I’m really tired, and the full impression will come out this weekend.

The concert was 2 1/2 hours long, and they played 16 pieces, 4 of which were piano solos. I much prefered the orchestra pieces than the piano solo ones, and I’ll talk more about it later. Also, since they did not give out or sell programs for the concert, I’ll have to go through my collection to really identify the pieces that were played tonight, which I probably will do tomorrow night. I think I have most of them down correctly (yes, taking notes during the concert), but all except one pf piece is eluding me. If anyone was also at the concert, please drop me a line, and we could compare notes. 🙂

Anyway, the concert was really enjoyable, even though there are some songs that I didn’t really like. But then, this was the first Joe Hisaishi concert for me, and since I got a really nice seat, it was an amazing experience. Words are failing me, and therefore I will retire for now, and hopefully be able to write a better article tomorrow.

Joe Hisaishi Concert in Hong Kong Part 2: The Anticipation

I posted much earlier that I found tickets to the Joe Hisaishi concert on Nov 23 in Hong Kong. Well, I didn’t actually get the physical ticket until last weekend but here it is:

Photoshopped so you don’t know where I’ll be sitting XD

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Joe Hisaishi Concert in Hong Kong

Concert Poster

I guess this is not news news, but Joe Hisaishi (久石 譲) is holding a concert in Hong Kong on Nov. 23.

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