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WordPress Upgrade (or downgrade?)

Sad Alvis

It seems that WordPress is doing something about their backends (pun intended), and the “Visual Editor” that most people use is turned off. So we are left to type entries in html code. I found this out since I’m writing my Jigoku Shoujo Ep. 4 entry right now, and those “easy to use” icons for adding pictures and stuff is no where to be seen. Fortunately, I still have some html skills, but it’s taking me a little longer than expected to finish the entry. I was originally going to post it tonight, but I probably won’t finish writing and editing it until tomorrow morning, HK time.


Weird happenings on WordPress….

Well, my first 2 posts has disappeared for some reason. It’s not gone gone, but you can’t get to it since there isn’t a next button for page 2… Since I’m a geek and stuff, I try to do my own diagnostics…

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