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YUI – My Generation

“My Generation” by YUI is the theme song for J-Dorama Seito Shokun! (生徒諸君!), starring Uchiyama Rina, Shiina Kippei, and Horikita Maki. Based on the manga of the same name by 庄司陽子 (Shouji Youko), it was a dorama about the relationship between students, teachers, and parents. “My Generation” is very typical song of YUI. Probably best known in the Anime circle for her OP & ED themes for BLEACH, she is one of the better composer/singers of the recent years.

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So I was wrong….

Thanks to my sis, who is more into HK pop, I found the Cantonese Yui song I heard on the radio the other day. Life it was not, but Tomorrow’s Way, which I first heard on the Life single. Here’s a clip. What do you think?

Electric Angel

That song is Fiona’s (薛凱琪) song Dear Fiona from the CD Electric Angel, and the composition credited to Yui.

Comments and opinions appreciated, but please delete the clip within 24 hours.

Rejoice! Bleach fans…

… now you could listen to one of Bleach’s ED in Cantonese.

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